duro Art Industries, Inc.
Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor Paints
A U.S. manufacturer of the finest quality artist materials and lettering products since 1938.
ARTIST PAINT SETS - The overwhelming favorite of master artists and experienced educators is Duro Art's famous Bocour Acrylic color line. This top quality studio set contains the following professional colors: Cadmium Red Medium, Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Burnt Umber and Titanium White.
item # size & description ct. qty.
06026 color 2 oz. Aqua-tec acrylic tube set6
075016 color Duro Dan, Jr. watercolor pan set24
151012 color oil pastel set 12
152024 color oil pastel set12
LARGE TUBES OF PAINT AND MEDIUMS - Some masterpieces require plenty of media. Duro Art manufactures the right-sized medium for any and every job.
item # size & description pk. qty.
093016 oz. can of acrylic gesso12
05508 oz. can of linseed oil12
05358 oz. can of Durotine thinner12
11465 oz. oil tube - Titanium White each
11475 oz. oil tube - Zinc Whiteeach
14355 oz. acrylic tube - Titanium White each
14365 oz. acrylic tube - Mars Black each
INDIVIDUAL ARTIST OIL COLORS - Duro oil colors are compounded to exacting standards using pure pigments with ground-in alkali in a base of refined linseed oil. These 1.25 oz. tubes of color provide brilliant hues with exceptionally strong tinting strength.
item # description box qty.
1210Burnt Sienna3
1211Burnt Umber3
1212Green Earth3
1214Raw Umber3
1215Raw Sienna3
1216Yellow Ochre3
1217Ivory Black3
1218Lamp Black3
1219Titanium White3
1220Zinc White3
1222American Vermillion3
1223Flesh Yellow3
1225Strontium Yellow3
1228Emerald Green Hue3
1229Kings Yellow3
1232Permanent Green Light3
1233Yellow Ochre3
1234Rose Madder Alizaren3
1237Phthalocyanine Blue3
1238Phthalocyanine Green3
1241Cadmium Orange3
1242Cadmium Yellow Light3
1243Cadmium Yellow Medium3
1244Cadmium Red Light3
1245Cadmium Red Medium3
INDIVIDUAL ARTIST ACRYLIC COLORS - Duro acrylics are compounded and ground using pure pigments. Then, they are blended with a high speed disperser into an acrylic polymer emulsion to exacting standards. The end results in 2 oz. tubes of color with powerful tinting strengths and high resistances to yellowing or fading.
item # description box qty.
1410Burnt Sienna3
1411Burnt Umber3
1412Mars Black3
1413Mars Red 3
1416Titanium White 3
1417Ultramarine Blue 3
1418Yellow Ochre 3
1419Chromium Oxide Green 3
1421Hansa Yellow Medium 3
1422Permanent Green Medium 3
1423Phthalocyanine Blue 3
1424Phthalocyanine Green3
1425Cadmium Yellow Light3
1426Cadmium Yellow Medium 3
1427Naphthol Red Light 3
1429Carbozole Violet 3
1430Cobalt Blue 3
1431Cadmium Red Light3
1432Cadmium Red Medium 3
1433Quindo Magenta 3
1.25 Oz. Oil Paint - Cadmium Red Medium
24-Color Oil Pastel Set
Bocour 6-Color 2 oz. Acrylic Paint Tube Set
Aqua-Tec Acrylic Paint set
Repositionable and removable stick-on artist canvas